Tuesday, 27 January 2015


We’ve just received some wonderful pictures of the newly elected Mayor of Avranches in Normandy, France.
David Nicolas has been a customer of Bookster for many years and is rarely seen in anything other than Bookster tweed.
Interestingly there is a tradition in Normandy of ‘mixing tweeds’ that is to say wearing such as a tweed jacket in one pattern coupled with trousers in an entirely different one.
We have always had a significant number of French customers and when we began receiving such diverse orders within the one transaction we often feared that the customer had made a mistake and checked with them, but it was not so. 
This tradition has now become something of a trend and we find ourselves advising customers in even farther flung parts of the world seeking our advice on good combinations of different tweeds.
This way of mixing tweeds will not be to all tastes so don't feel compelled but it is certainly worth reporting! And congratulations to David in his new role.

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