Monday, 16 February 2015


Bookster Tailoring is best known for Tweed of course. But word is certainly spreading that our suits from other cloths and fabrics are just as sublime.

We are able to incorporate all kinds of styling options and adjustments.

Here is but one example.

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015


We’ve just received some wonderful pictures of the newly elected Mayor of Avranches in Normandy, France.
David Nicolas has been a customer of Bookster for many years and is rarely seen in anything other than Bookster tweed.
Interestingly there is a tradition in Normandy of ‘mixing tweeds’ that is to say wearing such as a tweed jacket in one pattern coupled with trousers in an entirely different one.
We have always had a significant number of French customers and when we began receiving such diverse orders within the one transaction we often feared that the customer had made a mistake and checked with them, but it was not so. 
This tradition has now become something of a trend and we find ourselves advising customers in even farther flung parts of the world seeking our advice on good combinations of different tweeds.
This way of mixing tweeds will not be to all tastes so don't feel compelled but it is certainly worth reporting! And congratulations to David in his new role.

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014


We are very well known for wonderful tweed outfits for shooting, fishing, stalking or just plain walking and hiking... but we have an increasing number of clients who share 'the passion' with other pursuits such as golf ,cycling and motoring (more on motoring in due course). 

In the case of  Golf here is a great example of one of our outfits in heavyweight NESS tweed. 
'Hickory Golf' is a fast growing branch of the sport that harks back to the good old days.The player shown is wearing a pair of 'Plus Two's' but some of the growing band of traditional golfers prefer longer 'Plus Fours' that fold over for that vintage look. Out with the synthetics, in with the tweed.

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The success of the annual 'Tweed Runs' around the world has done much to publicise this regal fabric and we were involved early on. What is less well known is that we carefully designed and made a very special suit for an 'Endurance Rider' intent on covering over 2000 miles in the USA on a vintage cycle. 
It was quite a challenge with some special features, comfort and practicality was paramount! It was a great success.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


As three piece suits go this is a real showstopper ! A limited edition offered with the seasonal holidays in mind, but also available as separates if you don't want to go all the way.If ordered by the 7th November it will be with you in time for the holidays.Available as Made to Order or Custom Made to Measure.
wear the jacket on it's own with Cords or Moleskins, the trousers and waistcoat would look outstanding on the green and of course racing would be a natural habitat as well as traditional Highland gatherings.
You do not have to be a Scot to enjoy the beauty of tartan.Follow the link below  for more information

Thursday, 14 August 2008


What is the meaning of the word bespoke? In American English it is a synonym for custom made, while in Britain, the term derives from bespeak, which is to ask for something. On Savile Row, London's world-famous tailoring street, a client would bespeak a length of cloth that would then be his alone to be made into clothes of unparalleled taste and style. Bespoke suits are the ultimate personal expression of the gentleman who knows better. Quality at the top-level is sublime: sewing is precise and cleanly finished; the shape, tasteful and elegant—the fit, irreproachable. And bespoke suits are most often made from the finest cloths available. But bespoke clothing is not for every civilized person of taste. Bespoke suits are painfully expensive. And the careful process requires at least two fittings, sometimes more, depending on several factors, to include body shape, individual requirements, and the special needs of one's tailor, a highly skilled craftsman who must indulge his own idiosyncratic process. If a fellow lives far away from London, New York City, Paris, Naples or Rome, the cost of making a bespoke suit in one of the great tailoring centres can rise to stratospheric levels. Many top tailoring firms charge between £1500 ($3000 USD) and £4000 ($8000 USD) for a bespoke suit. Add to this colossal expense the additional charges that travelling will bring and you are fast sailing toward the final frontier of "economic" engagement. Bespoke suits are the finest that lots of money can buy.

Made-to-Measure suits present many advantages over pure bespoke. Not every gentleman has a definite idea of what particular jacket and trouser models will fit him best. Made-to Measure clothes offer house-specific styles from which to choose that may then be whittled or expanded to fit a gentleman's unique shape. Made-to-Measure will not give a gentleman the nearly endless choices of bespoke, but neither will made-to-measure potentially confuse its client with overly expansive options. If a gentleman likes a made-to-measure suit style offered by a certain firm, he may reasonably expect to come out wearing a suit that resembles the style in question, properly fitted to his physique. In addition, made-to-measure is vastly more reasonable to buy, prices ranging as they do from £350 ($700 USD) to £1250 ($2500 USD), for what should be the best made-to-measure suit available in the known universe.

Made-to-Measure inevitably offers a fine range of traditional cloths. Some made-to-measure houses present sophisticated British woolens of the highest quality to rival elite bespoke tailoring firms. Made-to-Measure suits may be divided into three simple categories: the first involves visiting a tailor who will make attractive a made-to-measure suit option that functions as an entry-level service; the second most often includes up-market department stores that will offer made-to-measure suits as the ultimate expression of an off-the-rack ready-made luxury label (this can be a costly way to try made-to-measure; the service comes at a premium above already expensive ready-made luxury clothes); the third made-to-measure option includes web-based firms that ask their clients to measure themselves or their own garments. This third made-to-measure suit option is attractive for economic reasons and you don't even need to leave your house.

Bookster offers an online made-to-measure service with bespoke options, hand-cut from superb British cloth, for a mere fraction of the cost of bespoke clothing. Bookster communicates effectively with potential clients, answering questions clearly and giving solid advice on how things fit, while realistically addressing client needs and expectations. A superior made-to-measure firm like Bookster will know how to guide its patrons in the right direction, leading to excellent results, just as a bespoke tailor exists to markedly improve his clients' appearance.

Jacques de Mesterton

Friday, 21 December 2007


Almost 100 years ago John G Hardy founded the company which today holds the undisputed position of market leader for the supply of elegant country fabrics. The founder, being something of an eccentric gentleman, became well known for having collected his fabric samples, he would return to London with them stacked under his top hat. He was on of the first cloth merchants to visit the Scottish Highlands and Islands, accordingly acclaiming to have been responsible for the introduction of both Shetland and Harris Tweed cloths to the major markets of the world.

In 1829 the Duke of York, who was to become His Majesty King George VI, used a John G Hardy cloth for the regimental Tweed of the Brigade of Guards. He was the Colonel in Chief of the regiment and the cloth consisted of Black and White, with Royal Blue and Crimson colourations.

King Edward VIII when, as the Prince of Wales, was known to acquire the distinct checked fabric that would later bear the name from John G Hardy. Today, the extensive fabric range still includes several Prince of Wales checks and the expression has become instantly definable.

The company is privileged to hold Royal Warrants granted in the mid 1930’s for the supply of Balmoral Tweed fabric to the Royal Household.

For the discerning purchaser John G Hardy offers a vast array of jacketings and trouserings for all occasions, including the famous Alsport Tweed. Based in Yorkshire, the heart of the UK textile industry, the company enjoys an enviable reputation as one of the worlds foremost cloth houses with its fabrics being sold in over 50 countries throughout the world.

Bookster now offer an introduction to John G Hardy Cloths with six new offerings of light medium and heavy weight Alsport Tweeds. More lightweight patterns will be on offer in the New Year. Visit

Sunday, 11 November 2007


Since the launch of our website in July this year, we have been so busy we haven't had time to update our 3-piece-suit blog.

We have expanded our cloth range to offer you over 45 cloths from fine Scottish tweed makers such as Johnston's of Elgin, Lovat Mill - makers of Teviotex Sporting Tweeds, Islay, Porter and Harding, Josiah France and soon to be introduced John G Hardy, the finest cloths in the World.

On this website we plan to put you in the picture about these historic cloth makers and will be writing posts about each of them over the next month.

As well as expanding our cloth range we are also offering you more bespoke features for your three piece suit. These include for the Tweed Jacket; Working / functional cuff, Half Norfolk Back, Action /Bi Swing back/ Alcantara Trim and soon to be available patch pocket front. For the tweed trousers; fish tail back, button fly and alcantara trim and of course your choice of English forward facing pleats or flat front. Tweed waistcoats are available with a choice of pockets; jetted, welted or flap with or without trim. Our latest plans are for single and double breasted waistcoats with lapels. Breeks are available as plus twos or plus fours, in fact any length you wish.
Finally we have found a fantastic hat maker which means we are now able to make you a matching cap, sherlock or stalker hat in any of our cloths and linings. We've come a long way since the website was launched in July and we plan to continue to add to our range to offer a complete service including shirts and accessories in 2008.